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Global Technologies completes existing technologies.


AMIC8030QR Description

AMIC8030QR is an all-in-one, compact-size white package pixel IC that is optimized for LED lighting solutions and equipped with the low-side current controlling driver based on 4-channel input commands.

Global Technologies’ AMIC8030QR is a complete solution essential to operate display devices such as TV, monitor, notebook, and signage in the AM (Active Matrix) mode. Overcoming the limitations of existing PM (Passive Matrix) operation methods, AMIC8030QR is designed to meet various needs of high-quality and large-size display products.

The circuit protective functions and white package of AMIC8030QR are part of this optimal solution that realizes what customers need about technologies.

  • All-in-1 package (Direct LED current driver output)
  • Maximum driving voltage : 80V
  • Maximum sink driving current : 30mA per channel
  • Supply voltage for control part : 4.5V ~ 5.5V
  • 4-channel LED driver with current regulation based on loaded voltage by gated data level input
  • High speed sampling operation of 3 us sampling pulse width, comparable with 333 kHz frequency
  • Minimum output headroom voltage with good linearity : 0.5V (T.B.D)
  • Minimum output headroom voltage : 0.3V (T.B.D)
  • Current “low” sensing output (4-channels are logically “wired OR internally”)
  • Thermal protection & over temperature protection
  • LED shot open sensing monitor output
  • Low power consumption
  • Latch-up lmmunity LATCH : JEDEC JESD78D Nov 2011 : ±100mA
  • ESD HBM protection (Norm : MIL 883 E Method 3015 Human Body Model) : ±2kV
  • Small package (QFN2020-16H) with white colored optimum for lighting solution